Make an Appointment with Yourself: Make an Appointment with Yourself


What if you could use your senses to cultivate wellbeing and form a foundation for a beautiful, nourished, fulfilled life?

What if you could awaken and nurture the connection to yourself? Step into your personal fire and turn your regular day routines into sacred and devoted practices that you deeply enjoy? 

What if you could unearth the innate wisdom you already hold within and bring this forward into your everyday life? 


 Feel. Hear. See. Taste. Touch. 

A sojourn of the senses.

A place to evoke an experience within. 

Together we’ll bring to light practices that support and nourish your wellbeing. 

Make An Appointment with Yourself.


I see you…

  • You’re trying to fit in that yoga class, the meal planning, waking up just a little bit earlier 
  • You keep saying you’ll start again on Monday or after that holiday…
  • You’ve hopped onto all the wellness trends, bought the crystal for motivation, self-love, abundance, etc. etc., and called in the universe, looking for all the “signs”
  • You’re still feeling like you’re in the same spot 

 Imagine if I told you, you already hold all you need? I know - it sounds super “woo woo” and like any other motivational meme you’ve been reading on IG. But what if we could hone in on finding out exactly what it is that makes you tick, using your senses as a portal, to uncover what you need to nourish yourself and feel good? 

Let me be your guide...

Make An Appointment with Yourself.

Let’s walk through the next six weeks to develop and hone practices that tap into your senses for self-awareness, healing, and personal growth. Explore yoga, breath work, nutrition, astrology, and the natural beauty of the world. 

Over our time together, you’ll (re)awaken the connection to your senses through:

  • Developing your self care practice
  • Finding movement that feels good and meets you where you are
  • Diving into astrology and using this as a tool for self-awareness 
  • Exploring the basics of nutrition 
  • Identifying your challenges for sustaining holistic health and wellbeing
  • Tapping into what allows you to thrive rather than function and exist

You’ll receive:

  • Welcome pack with program guide: breakdown of each week
  • Weekly 60 minute check-in calls (total of 6)
  • Recording of calls to refer back to
  • Natal chart reading & copy of notes to refer back to
  • Tailored guidance, week by week, as we dive through each of the senses 
  • Unlimited support via Whatsapp, Monday-Thursday


Dive in HERE

What is the investment for this immersion? 

One time payment: €1909 

3x instalments:  €639

6x instalments:  €319




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